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This project would not be possible without the help of John’s many wonderful friends, fellow artists and members in the arts community in Texas and around the country.

Barry Whistler has represented John’s work for decades. He has provided invaluable guidance, support and advice in this current endeavor. John and Barry had a friendship which spanned over thirty years. One of the first shows at the Barry Whistler Gallery was a show of John’s work in 1986. Barry’s keen eye, encouragement, and appreciation of John’s work was invaluable when John was alive and is just as valuable today. Rick Brettell, Ph.D., Margaret McDermott Distinguished Chair of Art and Aesthetic Studies and Co-Director for the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Museums at The University of Texas at Dallas, has been behind this effort from the very beginning and continues to lend sage advice, unbridled enthusiasm and zest to this effort. James Magee, John’s friend and noted Texas artist, was a force behind the inception of this project. Jim’s trusted counsel, his deep understanding of John and his work, and his encouragement have been absolutely critical.

Tammy McNarry and Pierrette Lacour, two longtime friends of John’s have provided encouragement, wonderful stories about John and his work and also loaned several pieces of John’s work to be photographed for the catalogue. C.J. Davis, a Dallas artist, has provided stories about John and his work and loaned some of his own pieces of John’s work to be photographed. C.J. was also the artist behind “Pieces of Wood Floating Away” a video interview with John. Greg Davis and Will Boston, two of John’s longtime friends, have offered insights and stories about John and his art and provided encouragement all along the way.

Mary Cecile Gee in California, a friend of John’s for over forty years and fellow artist has provided support and encouragement with this project.  Tommy Jones and Don Powley of New York have offered recollections about John and his work which have been immensely helpful.  Michael Sullivan and Jim Fiscus have also shared recollections about John and how he worked which have been invaluable.  Robert Levers a long-time friend of John’s has provided encouragement and feedback on this project.

Leigh Arnold from the Dallas Museum of Art has been very helpful in thinking through how to organize John’s papers, notes and ephemera. Leigh and Hillary Bober, Digital Archivist of the Dallas Museum of Art, have both shared their time and expertise as efforts have begun to create an archive of John’s papers.

Dinah Whistler and Marley Whistler have been instrumental in bringing John’s art to others through this website and the creation of a digital archive of his work. Dinah’s talents and skills as a professional photographer have brought John’s work to life through the medium of digital photography. She has been undaunted by the challenges of lighting, setting up shots and figuring out how to shoot some of John’s enormous canvases. Marley Whistler has worked hand in glove with Dinah, solving problems in setting up shots, taking care of the art in the process, solving technical problems, and providing a final summary of each piece for the catalog.

Corky Cunningham and David Gibson have both been essential in creating a space which will house rotating exhibits of John’s work for the upcoming year. Their generosity, enthusiasm and innumerable talents have helped bring an idea off the drawing board and make it a reality.  The assistance Gene Dennis and Josh McKibben at Gibson Management helped make the renovations for the exhibition space possible.